March 2018

For the younger group of kids, ride ons have undeniably turned out being the most exciting toy. These toys have been especially designed so that they inspire a child’s level of creativity and stimulate imagination.

When shopping for kids outdoor play equipment ensure that you do check on ride-ons too. They can be as simple as a rocking animal and could turn out being sophisticated too, such as an electrical one. Ride on toys for kids are available in many forms. These are available also in both electric and manual form, such as scooters, bicycle and even in the form of tricycle. As a parent or an adult, one needs to understand the fact that playing with toys is an essential part for a healthy development of a child. It paves a way for children to learn from active action but at their very own pace. Tots learn immensely by doing things on their own. Hence ride ons turn out being the perfect toy when it comes to letting their imagination run free. Yet when you are there to pick a ride on toy, there are some essential factors that you need to keep in mind. It’s good to get rid of the guesswork and we will help you with it. A few of the features that you should look into when buying such a toy has been mentioned below:


Come what may, safety needs to be one’s highest priority when you’re picking out any toy for your child. While we know that no toy is completely safe, you can still pick out ones that come with the maximum safety features. This will help in minimizing the level of danger. Toys, such as ride ons, can get a bit sensitive to this issue because it does come with dangers of the child falling or tipping over. These are real risks which are generally associated with such kind of toys.

Toys, such as foot-powered toy vehicles or rockers, should be good enough for your child to enjoy and stop it as and when needed. Functional brake system should be there in a tricycle and bicycle. In the case of electric ride-ons, the compartment of the battery should only be accessible to you and none. No matter how safe the toy is, always make sure that your child does wear a protective gear each time they are out to play with outdoor toys.

Manual or Electric

Simple ride-ons would in most cases be stationary or will be powered to the limit of your child’s motion that is through pushing or pedaling. You will also get chic battery-powered toys which come with safe steering wheel. In such a case, always consider what age your child is of and how well has one mastered over their coordination power. You should never let go of your child in an unsupervised setting, especially in the case of an electric toy.