April 2018

What To Gift Your Best Friend At Their Baby Shower?

A best friend is someone very special; and their baby shower is something very special for them. If you’re looking for the ideal gift to give them on this special occasion, then here are a few of our suggestions for you…

Hand made baby fashion
Admittedly, shopping for babies is a fun experience. Because they grow fast, you know for a fact that they will need plenty of clothes; so for newborns at least, extra clothing is not a waste. Plus, there’s also the fact that you have plenty of baby clothes sale almost all year long; so this works well as a last minute gift option too. However, if it’s not last minute shopping, then we suggest that you consider getting personalized clothing, or checking out the handmade clothing available online. After all, this is the baby shower for your best friend; so it needs to be a special gift…

Personalized baby record book
As cute as newborn baby girl rompers are, sometimes, such a simple gift can feel insufficient for such an occasion. A personalized baby record book however, can feel just perfect for the occasion. This book will help your friend record and collect the earliest memories of their baby; something they will love looking at over and over in the years to come. Remember that it’s quite possible that your friend might be a little preoccupied on the day of their baby shower and on the day their little one arrives; so make sure to take plenty of photos of the newborn and the new family so they can add it to the record book…

A spa voucher for after the delivery
Who says that you should cater only for the little one on a baby shower? The soon-to-be parents deserve a little pampering too. Not only is the mama facing a lot of changes in her body, the soon-to-be parents might also be tired thanks to all the preparations they’re doing for the baby. Therefor, a couple’s spa voucher will be much appreciated. Remember to get a voucher with a long expiry date; so they can choose to use it after the baby’s arrival.

Making life after the baby easier
Life with a newborn fascinating and exciting. But it’s also pretty tiring and complicated. Any gift that will make this phase easier will be a good gift. Whether it’s a baby monitor, a bouncer to rock the baby to sleep, a sling to wear the baby on, a diaper bag or even a voucher for baby car seats or prams/strollers (as moth parents like choosing their own) all make great gifts. If you enjoy building things, then a baby milk/changing table too will make a lovely gift.